Government: Feudal Monarchy, Strongly Independent Fiefdoms. Current king is a young veteran of the wars against the Southern Elves.

Major Cities are the Capital (Helius), Grassia, and Tenet. Helius is directly overseen by the King, with Grassia and Tenet belonging to close family.
Other fiefdoms have their own leaders, mostly hereditary.

Economy: Heavy farming, especially in the West. Some mining in the North.

Recent History and Current Situation:
During the war with the Archanites in the South the then king, Helseth, was killed in combat during one of the initial battles. His son, Brellas, took charge and, though horrendously inexperienced, managed to hold off the Elves in several battles. However the Elves did prove victorious in the end, and with the fall of Serenac at the Battle of Antiem, Brellas signed a treaty ending conflict with the Elves. This decision, much hated by Brellas, was accepted by the majority of the people. Several of the more southern Lords, however, took umbridge and saw an excuse for rebellion. The rebellion itself was put down with ease, but the now Lord-less Fiefdoms were given to the survivors of Serenac. While this was initially thought sensible by the people the tide has since changed.
“New Serenac”: The people living within the Southern Fiefdoms, now led by the survivors of Serenac, quickly remembered why Serenac had not been an ally before the arrival of the Elves. The Serenes were seen as brutal, oppressive, and as overly taxing the people. Used to a more dour set of subjects and a more prosperous territory the Serenes fail to understand how their seemingly fair tax rates cause such uproar. In the time since several bandit groups have arisen that attack only those locations or caravans related to local lords, while sparing those simply working for the king. Others, however, are less picky about their targets. King Brellas remains popular, even though his support for the Serenic Fiefdoms is a fiercely unpopular opinion in much of the country.


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