Solar Empire

Government: Absolutist God-Emperor. The Archanite Kingdom; built upon the remains of a subjugated Serenac. The Archanites are viciously cruel, fanatical, and xenophobic Elves who arrived from another continent some forty years ago. The culture is based on martial honor, but only in the cruelest sense. Words are kept and treaties honored, but prisoners killed and populace enslaved.

Major Cities are the Capital (Sun’s Crown), Rayshine, Demanstrad, and Restros.

Economy: Slave-Driven. Farming, manufacturing, piracy are all major sectors.

Recent History and Current Situation:

The Archanites originally hailed from an archipelago known as Archanises that has so far been unvisited by the people of the main continent; the Archanites speak little of from whence they came, so little is known.

Twenty years ago the Archanites made landfall, reports of the fleet being spotted were heard in advance, but when it arrived Serenac was unprepared for its size. Thousands upon thousands of Archanites poured onto beaches across the land, with thousands dying just to form a beachhead. For two years Serenac fought on its own; slowly losing ground to the Archanite forces, but once the Southern farms were lost it became increasingly obvious that Serenac was doomed.
Conquered areas were reporting mass enslavement. The Archanites ritually sacrificed any disobedient slaves or community leaders and took ownership of all property for themselves. It became clear that this was not an invasion, it was a colonization. This led to the involvement of Helia, Teris, and Coplain. The war dragged on for eight years from that point on, with both sides fighting fiercely until the very end when the allied forces were routed at Antiem. The result was the Antiem Agreement and the end of hostilities.

Currently the Solar Empire is technically at peace, but its harbors are filled with privateer ships engaging in action against all other nations, and some less-than-noble bandits from neighboring nations find safe haven within the Empire’s borders. The Human population of Serenac has been more-or-less reduced to slavery. Few non-Archanite Elves live in the nation anymore, most having left during the war due to a distaste for the Archanites and for the accusations of double-loyalties by Serenac’s human population. Other races live in the area and are enslaved in much the same way as humans, with the exception of traveling traders, who are tolerated from all races.

The architecture of Serenac is slowly being replaced by Archanite buildings; it seems as though the goal is to eventually completely replace all signs of the old nation.

Solar Empire

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