4960- Eternal Kindgom Cult starts rebellion against the Empire of Man

4962- Ysgarand’s First Crusade Begins

4968- Ysgarand’s First Crusade Peaks and Ends; all lands reclaimed by the end of the year.

4970- Poland declares independence.

4975- Eternal Kingdom Cult emerges from near extinction and the Battle of Anders; decimates the enemy camp through plague. Details on the plague’s cause remain a secret, though rumors persist that it was more than natural and that the Emperor Himself played a role in the situation.

4983- Alliance Attack on the Ysgarand Territory; Ends in failure.

January 12th, 4997- First Landing; Arrival of the Solar Empire (15 years ago)

5002- Helia and Friends join the War against the Solar Empire (10 years ago)

5005- Start of Ysgarand’s Second Crusade

5008- End of the First Landing War. (4 Years Ago)

5009- End of Ysgarand’s Second Crusade

5009- Start of the Helian Civil War

5010- End of the Helian Civil War and the establishment of Serenic fiefdoms.

June 8th, 5012- Group ends the cult.

June 9th- Present Day


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